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High Quality H2O

Pueblo’s water supply originates high in the Rocky Mountains above Leadville, CO, and makes its way into the Arkansas River and down through our community. Pueblo Water’s treatment techniques ensure that our water meets rigorous federal and state quality standards. In 2018, Pueblo Water was named the Best Tasting Water in the Rocky Mountain Section of the American Water Works Association. In 2019, Pueblo Water rated among the top-5 in North America.

Pueblo Water owns and maintains more than 4,165 fire hydrants, providing the Pueblo Fire Department reliable water at an adequate pressure to protect our community from fire.

Pueblo Water’s Consumer Confidence Reports, as well as other information and educational links regarding water, may be found on the YOUR WATER page of our website.

Pueblo Water also takes great pride in being a steward of life’s most precious natural resource. For more information, please see our current Water Efficiency Report.