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Pueblo Water announces 2020 main replacement areas

February 25, 2020

Pueblo Water announced its citywide main replacement program area for 2020. Pueblo Water will replace approximately 14,500 lineal feet of 8-inch cast iron water pipe with PVC and replace valves and fire hydrants as well. Total budget cost of the project is $2.42 million.

“As part of our ongoing effort to provide the highest quality water at the lowest possible cost, Pueblo Water remains dedicated to improving and upgrading Pueblo’s water infrastructure,” Trujillo said. “Our Board of Directors is committed to these programs that benefit our customers and the community.”

The work areas will include sections of the following:

Director of Operations Matt Trujillo said Pueblo Water remains committed to capital improvements.

  • North Hudson Avenue: 1200 Blk. to 1300 Blk.
  • East 13th Street: 900 Blk. to 1200 Blk., and 2000 Blk. to 2100 Blk.
  • Dick Trefz: Mac Neil Road to Macalester Road
  • MacNeil Road: Dick Trefz to Massari Road and Constitution Road to Blackburn Lane
  • Blackburn Lane: Mac Neil Road to Gamble Lane
  • Gamble Lane:  100 Blk.
  • Queens Avenue: 1600 Blk.
  • Utica Avenue : E. 12th Street to E. 15th Street
  • East 15th Street : 1800 Blk. to 2100 Blk.
  • East 16th Street : 1900 Blk. to 2100 Blk.
  • East 14th Street : 2000 Blk. to 2100 Blk.

Work is expected to begin in early March. Work around East High School will begin after the last day of the 2020 school year and should be completed by the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.

Additionally, if funds are available, Pueblo Water has replacement projects scheduled in the following locations:

  • W. 6th Street (Grand Avenue to Midtown Circle)
  • West Street (W. 7th Street to W. 8th Street)
  • W. 5th Street (Sante Fe Drive to Albany Street)

These three additional areas will replace 2,468 lineal feet of cast iron pipe with 8-inch and 12-inch PVC pipe. Total budget cost for the additional three areas will be approximately  $470,000.

Pate Construction was awarded the contract.

For more information, contact Pueblo Water Engineering Manager Steve Anselmo at 719-584-0439.

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