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2022 City-wide Main update

May 18, 2021
(Photo by Mike Sweeney)

Pueblo Water sub-contacted with Russ Grading & Excavating, LLC., for a portion of Pueblo Water’s City-Wide Main Replacement program.

Work which will begin on approximately Nov. 2, 2022, consists of Installing approximately 1,950 feet of 6-inch through 8-inch (diameter) PVC water mains and appurtenances on W. Highway 50 Frontage Road -- Baltimore Avenue to Morris Avenue and N. Elizabeth Street to Club Manor Drive. 

Also, plugging an existing 12-inch cast iron main in an easement west of Pass Key, with associated work in Valley Drive that will allow abandonment from Valley Drive to US Hwy 50, to the Frontage Road.

For questions regarding Pueblo Water’s City-Wide Main Replacement program, please call our engineering office at 719-584-0270.

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