Service Line Repair Program

As shown in the illustration, the water line that serves each property in Pueblo’s water system is the responsibility of the property owner, all the way from the
water main to the building being served, with the exception of the water meter set, which is owned by Pueblo Water. Maintenance of the water service line
(including any needed repair or replacement) must be paid for by the property owner unless covered by Pueblo Water’s new Service Line Repair Program (Program).
 6 17 15 illustration

The Program, created by a new policy adopted by Pueblo Water’s Board in May, 2015, provides for repair or replacement of water service lines between the main and the meter set that meet the requirements of the Program. Repairs under the Program will be performed by Pueblo Water (or its contractor) at no cost to the property owner. This portion of most water service lines is often located in a public right-of-way such as a street or alley, so repairs can be difficult and expensive. The Program was developed to relieve customers of this unexpected expense when a leak occurs in this part of a water service line. The Program covers nearly all residential single-family and duplex residential properties. There are a small number of properties not covered by the Program, due to unusual configurations.

The Program is being funded by a $1 per month fee paid by all customers who are covered by the Program – the minority of residences not covered will not be charged this fee.

Details on the Program and the policy that created it can be viewed HERE.

The answers to frequently-asked questions about the Program are on the FAQ PAGE.

Additional comments or concerns may be directed to: Customer Service - 719-584-0250