Pueblo Water Replacing Lead Service Lines


Pueblo Water begins replacing lead service lines

The Board of Water Works’ (Pueblo Water) “Get the Lead Out” program is a proactive approach to pending Federal regulatory and legislative action to reduce the potential of lead in drinking water that may be due to lead service lines. The program creates a partnership between property owners and Pueblo Water to help eliminate lead service lines in the community, and Pueblo Water will soon begin replacing older residential water service lines made of lead at no charge to the property owner. A service line is the pipe connecting each residence to the water main located in the street or alley. It is believed that lead service lines in Pueblo’s service area comprise a very small percentage of the 40,000-plus customer connections in the system.

Pueblo Water’s compliance with State and Federal standards for drinking water quality includes adherence to EPA’s Lead and Copper Rule (LCR). The LCR specifies measures each water utility must take to protect its customers from exposure to lead in drinking water, even if there may be lead in a property’s service line or plumbing fixtures.

“There is no measureable amount of lead in the treated water as it leaves our water treatment plant,” says Don Colalancia, Division Manager of Treating, Pumping and Water Quality for Pueblo Water. “The water mains that distribute the water throughout Pueblo do not contain lead, so the only way water may contain lead in a person’s residence is if it is exposed to lead that is in that home’s service line or plumbing.” (Use of lead in plumbing fixtures was banned by an amendment to the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act in 1986.)

Pueblo Water believes the best protection for residents with lead service lines is to remove the potential sources of lead. Known lead service lines will be replaced as quickly as service schedules allow, minimizing any inconvenience to residents. Should any service interruption be necessary during line replacement, residents will be given as much advance notice as possible.

In addition to the lead service line removal project, Pueblo Water will begin taking physical inventory of service lines of unknown composition in neighborhoods where the known lead lines exist, to discover if there are any additional lead lines that have not yet been documented. If and when additional lead lines are discovered, they will also be replaced at no charge to the customer.


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