Employment Opportunities

The Human Resources Department seeks to hire and to retain highly motivated employees with a strong work ethic and excellent customer service skills.  Integrity, personal initiative, and individual accountability contribute to the success of our workforce.  We play a valuable role in recruiting and retaining a quality workforce that makes a positive difference in our local community.


The Mission of the Human Resources Department is to provide employees and the public with employment related services and information in the areas of payroll and benefits administration, career development as well as training, certification and recognition while encouraging a safe working environment.


The Human Resources Department will continue to build partnerships, provide leadership, improve and streamline processes, policies and procedures with information and services delivered through enhanced technology.  Our vision is to provide value added services and contributions by encouraging change and positive improvements to our organization.

Operating Philosophy

We believe in fair, consistent, responsive and equitable treatment for everyone we serve.  We value independent thought, innovation, diversity and personal growth for all employees.  We are an energetic, self-motivated, positive, professional team committed to confidentiality, respect, courtesy, and understanding in an open and accessible environment.

Employment Policy Statement

The Board of Water Works of Pueblo, Colorado is dedicated to the principle of equal employment opportunity.  We prohibit unlawful discrimination against applicants or employees on any basis prohibited by any applicable Federal or State of Colorado law.  We will take positive action to ensure fulfillment of this policy in all areas, including hiring, placement, promotion, transfer or demotion, recruitment employment ads, wage rates, or other forms of compensation, and selection for training, layoff, or termination.  We will seek to obtain individuals qualified for or trainable for a position by virtue of job-related education standards, training, experience, and personal qualifications.

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