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The CARES Program was developed in 2010 through a partnership between Pueblo Water, the City of Pueblo, United Way of Pueblo County and Catholic Charities to provide assistance to residential Pueblo families in need of utility assistance. Customers can receive up to $125.00 of assistance towards their delinquent water bill once in a twelve month period and up to three contributions in a lifetime.

In 2016, Catholic Charities average cost per family to administer the program was $5.85. In 2017, the Board approved Catholic Charities request to increase the program’s administration fee increase to $7,500. The increase provides Catholic Charities the resources necessary to administer the increasing utilization of the program. Historically, the administrative fee was deducted from the program’s budget. For 2017, the Board graciously approved the budget amount to include the administrative fee for a total CARES program budget of $107,500. This increase will serve an average of 70 additional families. The Customer Service Department is grateful for the continued support of the CARES Program in an effort to serve deserving Pueblo families in times of need of utility assistance.

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