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Budget Billing

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What is Budget Billing

With Budget Billing, we review your water use over the past twelve months, estimate what your bill will be over the coming year and then simply bill you an averaged amount each month.

How is my bill calculated?

We take the total of your charges from the prior twelve months and divide it by eleven to calculate your monthly budget, rounding up to the next whole dollar amount.  Link to Calculator

Why do you divide by eleven months as opposed to twelve months?

We average your total charges over eleven months rather than twelve so that there will not be a large amount due in your settlement month and to account for any rate increases that may come during your Budget Billing year.

How does Budget Billing work?

The Budget Billing years starts with your first bill after joining the plan.  You pay equal amounts until the Budget Bill settlement month, which will be in March of each year.  At this time, we settle up for any difference between what you paid and the actual cost incurred during the year.

What if I paid too much?

It’s simple.  If you paid too much, the credit will be applied to your March charges and any remaining credit will be refunded to you.

If your credit balance is under $100, your credit will be applied to next month's bill and you do not need to make a payment at this time.

What if I paid too little?

If you paid too little, the account balance must be paid in full by the due date of the March billing.

Can I pay ahead if my Deferred Balance is large?

Yes, you can pay ahead at any time on your account.

Does the budget amount ever change?

Only during the settlement month which is March.

Can I go on Budget Billing at any time?

Yes, you may begin the plan anytime.  Keep in mind that signing up in September or later may result in building a credit balance that will be refunded in March.  

Are there any other important requirements?

Since Budget Billing is a service to you, we appreciate prompt payment.  If your monthly bills are not paid on time and your service is discontinued, charges including any deferred amount due to the plan will become due immediately before service is reinstated.  Please be advised that if you are renting a property Pueblo Water will need consent from the owner before starting Budget Billing.

Involuntary Discontinuance of Budget Billing

If your service has been discontinued for non-payment of your bill, your account may be removed from Budget Billing and the account will be ineligible to participate in the Budget Billing program for one (1) year.

Voluntary Discontinuance of Budget Billing

You may discontinue participation in the Budget Billing plan and revert back to regular billing at any time.  This must be done in writing by the person responsible for the utility bill.  Any balance owed must be paid by the due date indicated on the bill. 

Do you offer any other programs that could make paying my water bill easier?

Yes we do.  EZ-Pay deducts your monthly payment directly from your checking or savings account twenty days following receipt of your bill.  Recurring Credit Card works the same, only that the deduction will be from the VISA, MasterCard or Discover you select.  By combining any of these payment options with Budget Billing, you will have the same amount automatically withdrawn at the same time each month.  You may also pay your bill by check or credit card through our website and selecting Customer Portal.

Can I select the Due Date of my bill?

At this time, this option is not available.

Can I receive my bill electronically?

Yes, you can.  You can sign up for E-Billing.  Each month you will receive a copy of your bill via e-mail.  This is the most convenient way to receive your bill and ensures timely delivery.