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City of Pueblo's sewer base charge period is about to begin

November 6, 2023

The wastewater or sewer charge on your Pueblo Water bill is based upon water consumed between the December and February (non-irrigation months) water meter readings. It consists of a monthly minimum and a volume charge which is the average usage during the adjustment period.

Wastewater Adjustment: If you would like to water during the wastewater adjustment period or if you experience a leak in your home's water system that results in higher water use than is normal. Please click HERE to request an adjustment, or call Customer Service at 719-584-0250.

Sanitary Sewer (Wastewater Billing Charge): The Sanitary Sewer Use Charge will be calculated using the average of water consumed during the two non-irrigating months that begin with your December water meter reading and end with your February meter reading. For more information read more about the adjustment process.

For more information about wastewater charges, call the City of Pueblo Wastewater Department: 719-553-2898.

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