City of Pueblo Sales Tax Docs

altThe City of Pueblo Sales Tax Division has implemented a new policy effective October 1, 2010 regarding sales to tax exempt agencies. In part, this policy requires that any purchase made by exempt organizations be accompanied by a current City of Pueblo Exempt License and an “Affidavit of Sale Paid by Government” form. We have been informed that our vendors doing business in Pueblo will be in compliance if they maintain on file a blanket copy of these two documents along with a statement from the Board of Water Works verifying that all purchases are for official business use and payment will be made with funds bearing the Board of Water Works’ name.

A packet of the three required documents can be downloaded from the links below. The packet will be updated as necessary to ensure you can remain in compliance with the City of Pueblo requirements.

Further information regarding the City of Pueblo’s tax policy is available on their website: or by contacting Valerie Palumbo, Tax Audit Manager, at 719/553-2659.

Certificate of Exemption


Fuel Tax Exempt Certificate