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Access restricted near Waterworks Park

January 3, 2024

For the safety of visitors and construction workers, access to the Arkansas River near the Waterworks Park project is now restricted. Construction on the $11-million project is underway below City Park and to the east of Pueblo Boulevard.

Foot and cycling traffic are allowed only on the trail to the north of the Arkansas River between Pueblo Boulevard and the Wild Horse Creek pedestrian bridge. Access to the trail on the south side of the river is temporarily closed between City Park and the Wild Horse Creek bridge.

Waterworks Park, Pueblo Water’s rehabilitation project of the Southside Diversion Dam, will improve safety on the river by creating a passageway that will allow users to ride the river unimpeded from the dam at Pueblo Reservoir to Runyon Lake.

Holcim WCR is the contractor of the Waterworks Park project. Visitors near the area should continue to use caution during construction, which is expected to take 10-12 months.

Modifying the diversion dam, an area that currently is unnavigable, will help minimize risks and hazards for those in-stream river users and on-land visitors as well. At the same time, the rehabilitated area will allow users to ride the river without stopping.

Pueblo Water is paying for most of the project. However, the City of Pueblo, Pueblo County and the Pueblo Conservancy District also have committed financially.

Visit for project updates and area closures.

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