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The Latest From Pueblo Water

Construction begins on $11-millon Waterworks Park project

Construction is beginning on Waterworks Park, Pueblo Water’s $11-million rehabilitation project of the Southside Diversion Dam just north of City Park. The project will improve safety on the Arkansas River by creating a passageway that will allow users to ride the river unimpeded.

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City of Pueblo's sewer base charge period is about to begin

The wastewater or sewer charge on your Pueblo Water bill is based upon water consumed between the December and February (non-irrigation months) water meter readings. It consists of a monthly minimum and a volume charge which is the average usage during the adjustment period.

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Find your Pueblo Water billing cycle and due date

To better serve you, our valued customer, and to help pave the way for future growth in the city, Pueblo Water is updating its billing procedures. With this update, your monthly bill due date may change. Changes in Pueblo Water’s billing cycles begin on Oct. 1, 2023.

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Every Pueblo Water employee wears a photo ID when on the job. If you are contacted by a service person claiming to be from Pueblo Water, please make sure they are properly identified before allowing access to your property. Pueblo Water will not contact you over the phone to verify personal information. If you have any doubt about a worker’s identity, please call our Service Department at 719-543-2217 to verify it’s a legitimate service call. We’re here for you!

Current Projects

Pueblo Water's Waterworks Park Project gets underway

By rehabilitating the Southside Diversion Dam and Raw Water Intake facility just north of City Park, and by improving the surrounding areas, river users would be able to traverse the Arkansas’ waters from below Pueblo Dam all the way to near Runyon Lake.

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