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Helpful tips when paying online or by phone


Our website recently has been upgraded and you may need to allow pop-up windows while on the payment site in order to view your bills or make payments.

Through the automated phone system

If you are attempting to make a payment through our automated telephone system, please note that your account number must include any leading zeros. The portion before the dash must be six digits (012345) and the portion after the dash must be six digits (012345). Please note that the prompts have changed on the automated phone system.


Pueblo Water’s ‘Get the Lead Out’ program to examine 500 sites

Service lines for approximately 500 homes in Pueblo will be examined by Pueblo Water as part of its ongoing “Get the Lead Out” program.

The area includes West 10th Street north to W 15th Street, and from Francisco Street east to N. Main Street. Work will begin on Aug. 1 and should be completed by Dec. 16.

Pueblo Water has partnered with Global Underground Corporation to perform minimal excavation near water meters on selected properties. If the service line material is determined to be lead, the address will be placed on a list for replacement at no charge by Pueblo Water crews or private contractors. Pueblo Water representatives will contact customers if the service lines are determined to be lead.

“Get the Lead Out” is a proactive approach to pending Federal regulatory and legislative action to reduce the potential of lead in drinking water that may be due to lead service lines. The program creates a partnership between property owners and Pueblo Water to help eliminate lead service lines in the community, and Pueblo Water will soon begin replacing older residential water service lines made of lead at no charge to the property owner. A service line is the pipe connecting each residence to the water main located in the street or alley. It is believed that lead service lines in Pueblo’s service area comprise a very small percentage of the 40,000-plus customer connections in the system.

“There is no measurable amount of lead in the treated water as it leaves our water treatment plant,” says Don Colalancia, Division Manager of Treating, Pumping and Water Quality for Pueblo Water. “The water mains that distribute the water throughout Pueblo do not contain lead, so the only way water may contain lead in a person’s residence is if it is exposed to lead that is in that home’s service line or plumbing.” Use of lead in plumbing fixtures was banned by an amendment to the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act in 1986.

"Every Board of Water Works employee wears a photo ID when on the job. If you are contacted by a service person claiming to be from the Water Works, make sure they are properly identified before allowing access to your property. Pueblo Water will not contact you over the phone to verify personal information. If you have any doubt about a worker’s identity, please call our Service Department at 543-2217 to verify it’s a legitimate service call.  We’re here for you!"  

Pueblo Water has upgraded its utility billing system. The upgraded system now allows us to offer superior service to our customers including faster response times, enhanced billing information, and online service requests.

Click here for Sample of new bill - How to Read

Sanitary Sewer (Waste Water) Billing Charge

The Sanitary Sewer Use Charge for 2020 will be calculated using the average of water consumed during the two non-irrigating months that begin with your December 2019 water meter reading and end with your February 2020 meter reading. For more information read more about the adjustment process...

Wastewater Adjustment

If you would like to water during the wastewater adjustment period or if you experience a leak in your home's water system that results in higher water use than is normal. Please click here to request an adjustment, or call Customer Service at 719-584-0250. 

Lead information made available to public

As a result of ongoing media coverage of the health crisis of lead in the drinking water in Flint, Michigan, many people across the nation who have never questioned the quality of their drinking water may now be wondering, “Is MY water safe?”

To answer that question for Pueblo Water customers, a brochure (see accompanying document) has been developed to provide information on what the potential health concerns from lead exposure may be, how Pueblo’s water quality is protected, and how those who may have some lead content in their premise plumbing can keep that lead from affecting their drinking water. This is important information for us all to know. If you have questions or concerns on this topic, contact Don Colalancia, Division Manager of Water Quality, Treating and Pumping at 584-0265. Click Here for more information.

Mission Statement

Service Line Repair Program

The new Service Line Repair Program, created by a new policy adopted by Pueblo Water’s Board in May, 2015, provides for repair or replacement of water service lines between the main and the meter set that meet the requirements of the Program. Read More

 Water Quality Report pdfREAD MORE

 Wise Water Use

 Read more about the Read more about the

Street Repair Utility Enterprise Fee

On October 9, 2018 City Council approved the following fee structure for all properties within the City limits. Beginning Oct. 1, 2019, there will be a change on your monthly water bill issued by the Board of Water Works for the Street Repair Utility Fee. This fee will apply to every residential unit and business as described in the table below.  Click here to read more, STREET REPAIR UTILITY ENTERPRISE FEE

We Have a New Look!

As part of its customer information sysem upgrade, Pueblo Water has redesigned its monthly statement. Click Here to see a sample that will help you understand the changes to your monthly bill.

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