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The Latest From Pueblo Water

Base period for 2023 sewer charge about to begin

For Pueblo Water customers, the base period that determines you 2023 sewer charge is about to begin. To determine when your meter is normally read, please refer to the “Read Date” section of your bill.

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Latino Chamber honors pair of Pueblo Water's leaders

For the second time in as many years, two of Pueblo Water’s best and brightest were honored recently by the Latino Chamber of Commerce of Pueblo. Sarah Mutz and Taylor Maik were honored as two of Pueblo’s 40 Under 40 Emerging Leaders for 2022. They, along with 38 of their peers, were feted on June 24, 2022, at the Pueblo Convention Center.

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A message from Pueblo County Public Works

The Pueblo County Engineering and Public Works Department reminds residents that is important not to pour anything down storm sewer drains. Pueblo County also reminds all residents of the difference between a storm sewer and a sanitary sewer.

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Every Pueblo Water employee wears a photo ID when on the job. If you are contacted by a service person claiming to be from Pueblo Water, please make sure they are properly identified before allowing access to your property. Pueblo Water will not contact you over the phone to verify personal information. If you have any doubt about a worker’s identity, please call our Service Department at 719-543-2217 to verify it’s a legitimate service call. We’re here for you!

Current Projects

Pueblo Water eyes improvements to Southside Diversion Dam

By rehabilitating the Southside Diversion Dam and Raw Water Intake facility just north of City Park, and by improving the surrounding areas, river users would be able to traverse the Arkansas’ waters from below Pueblo Dam all the way to near Runyon Lake.

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2022 City-wide Main update

Pueblo Water sub-contacted with Russ Grading & Excavating, LLC., for a portion of Pueblo Water’s City-Wide Main Replacement program.

Work which will begin on approximately Nov. 2, 2022, consists of Installing approximately 1,950 feet of 6-inch through 8-inch (diameter) PVC water mains and appurtenances on W. Highway 50 Frontage Road -- Baltimore Avenue to Morris Avenue and N. Elizabeth Street to Club Manor Drive.

Also, plugging an existing 12-inch cast iron main in an easement west of Pass Key, with associated work in Valley Drive that will allow abandonment from Valley Drive to US Hwy 50, to the Frontage Road.

For questions regarding Pueblo Water’s City-Wide Main Replacement program, please call our engineering office at 719-584-0270.

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